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The government and the opposition Venezuela They reached partial agreements to establish mechanisms to manage the COVID-19 pandemic on Monday (6).

In recent days, representatives Two sides of the conflict in Venezuela They gathered in Mexico City to find a way out of the country’s political crisis. A delegation from Norway mediated the talks that took place to try to do so Enabling elections in November.

Venezuela prioritizes politicians and military in vaccinating against COVID-19

A new meeting was also announced on Monday, September 24-27, in Mexico City. The agreement was announced in a joint statement published at the end of the meeting.

Anti-Covid-19 agreement

Jorge Rodriguez, the leader of the Venezuelan parliament and the president’s trusted man, said mechanisms to combat Covid-19 include “recourse to asset resources such as those granted by the International Monetary Fund”. Nicolas Maduro.

The document adds that “each party agrees to appoint three representatives to form a national welfare agenda to address the areas of health and nutrition.”

The other agreement is “the ratification of the sovereignty over the territory of Guyana Essequipa, according to which the eastern border of Venezuela is the dividing line of the Essequibo River.”

President Nicolas Maduro announced his happiness with the results of the meeting.

The opposition’s chief negotiator, Gerardo Blade, stressed that it was important “to have access to a space that we hope is not politicized to agree on all these measures in humanitarian matters, as well as tedious, and not to be used as an issue of political science.”

Blade added that access to resources is “of course” required for humanitarian issues and that both parties “will do everything we can” to make it happen.

One of the topics for the next round of meetings will be Venezuela’s justice system, Blade said. “It is a deep and complex issue, but we must begin to re-democratize the state for its own sake,” he said.

Regional elections in November

Negotiations mediated by Norway also seek to suspend economic sanctions against Venezuela and ensure free elections.

The dialogue is taking place with a view to the governor and mayor elections in November, in which the main opposition political parties will participate, breaking the three-year boycott of the elections.

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