Vanessa Lopez is bisexual and was already with Luisa Sonza. On “BBB 24,” fans ship the influencer with Giovanna

Vanessa Lopez is bisexual and was already with Luisa Sonza.  On “BBB 24,” fans ship the influencer with Giovanna

Any exchange of glances between Vanessa Lopez and Giovanna in the “Big Brother Brasil 24” house is already fueling a fan base that grows every day to see them together as a couple. The story gained momentum a few days ago, when the broadcaster said that the girl from Minas Gerais was “her kind of woman,” although she ruled out the possibility of staying with her at home. But kissing women will not be anything new in the dancer's life.

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In interviews with “PodCats”, conducted by Camila Lloris and Lucas Guimarães, Vanessa Lopez said that she “doesn't make labels” regarding her sexual orientation.

“I don't know if I'm bisexual, because I've never fallen in love with a woman before. I've been with a lot of people, had relationships in some ways, but I've never fallen in love.” Vanessa said, relativizing the concept of “intersex,” even though by definition she already fit that term.

Tiktoker is a participant in the “BBB 24” fund.

During a joke on the same podcast, the current “Big Brother Brasil 24” contestant confirmed that she had reached out to Luisa Sonza. When he mentioned the pop singer's name, Vanessa laughed. The presenters insisted on knowing about the relationship and she confirmed it.

Other women

Vanessa Lopez and Luisa Sonza – Photo: Reproduction

In Gkay's Farofa, in 2021, Vanessa Lopez was also seen kissing influencer Lara Silva. Gkay said he felt like getting involved when he saw the atmosphere between them. Days later, Lara was interviewed by PodDelas and talked about how to deal with a current inmate on “BBB 24”.

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“I was crazy. I remembered I hooked up with Vanessa, but from what people said, I thought I did something silly. But no. My friend told me it was nice to see. People think there's more going on.”, but no. It was just a kiss, just kissing. It was just that Frofa was having a lot of time partying. “By the time everyone went into the room, we were already running out of energy,” Lara said.

Vanessa Lopez and influencer Lara Silva – Photo: Reproduction

Inside the house, Vanessa Lopez is talking openly with her parents about relationships. There are old videos in which one of the women who took them appears, and the mother is surprised by the beauty of her potential daughter-in-law. Apparently, fans of Giovanna, from “BBB 24,” can dream.

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