Valve ends support for CS:GO – how will the game be affected?

Valve ends support for CS:GO – how will the game be affected?

world Video Games It is a constantly evolving ecosystem, characterized by technological advances, passionate communities, and iconic titles that leave unforgettable marks in their era.

Among these titles is the game “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”, known as CS: Gohas emerged as one of the pillars of eSports and first-person shooter culture.

Since time is relentless and game life cycles are not immune to it, this time the news is all about Valve ends support for CS:GO.

Valve ends support for CS:GO

'CS:GO' has stopped receiving support from Valve – Image: Valve/Reproduction

'CS: Go“It is one of the most iconic and influential first-person shooter games in the history of video games.

Released by Valve Corporation in 2012, it represents the fourth installment in the “Counter-Strike” series, which originated as a Half-Life mod.

CS:GO is known for its strategic gameplay that requires skill, teamwork, and refined tactics.

With a passionate global community and a strong competitive landscape in E-sportsthe game has won millions of players around the world and has become an iconic title in the online gaming scene.

Is it still possible to play “CS:GO”?

The good news is that even though support has ended, players can still access the game through the “Legacy” edition.

Just get to the library steamRight click on CS2 and select Properties.

After that, simply go to the Betas tab and choose the “Participate in Beta” option by clicking on “csgo_legacy”.

This way it will be possible to play this popular FPS game even after the official support has ended.

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CS:GO will still be available, but will no longer receive updates from Valve – Image: PCGamesN/Reproduction

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