Valentina shows her disappointment with Rico Melquiades

Valentina shows her disappointment with Rico Melquiades

Even with rainy weather in Itapecerica da Serra, pedestrians They enjoy the eighth Judgment Day, To enjoy the hot tub,”farm 13 inches (RecordTV). This time , Diane Melo – Thiago Picuelo vs Siti Matos, Valentina Francavilla conducted their analysis of the competition.

Valentina began by saying that she loves Aline Mineiro, Until his fall with the pawn sometimes: “Everything I’m talking about here, she just knows. I never stop liking her, I do! I loved it, it’s over,” said Fallen, remembering Rico, “what Riku did to me was more serious, mainly because He didn’t even come to talk to me.”

The former Mouse Assistant seemed to expect the comedian to say to her, “Val, you did this… you did it,” but he said nothing.

for him [Rico], I was always nothing. I did not notice. I was choosing to fight for nothing. Valentina Francavilla

Valentina indicated that for the time being, she has her favorite: “At present, I give my face to Gui, MC Gui, I give it to Sol, I give it to you and him, I don’t give it anymore,” he concluded.

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Antonio Shahestian / Record TV


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV

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