Vale Gás: how to get the benefit and ease the family budget?

Vale Gás: how to get the benefit and ease the family budget?

The continuous increase in the prices of household items has become one of the biggest financial challenges faced by Brazilian residents. Among the items with high prices, cooking gas cylinders stood out. As a solution to this problem, the Vale Gás Program was created, designed to provide support to the country's less financially fortunate families.

Access to Valley Gas

The government announced that the Vale Gás payment will continue until the 29th of this month. To know how to obtain and guarantee the benefit, families must be registered and have updated data in the Unified Register (CadUnico). When there are changes in a family's situation, such as a change of address or changes in the composition of the family group, the information must be immediately updated to the municipal administration.

Beneficiaries who meet the program requirements can check their eligibility through the Ministry of Citizenship website, through the “Benefit Advice” section, or by calling 111. To perform this check, the beneficiary’s NIS number must be entered.

The impact of Vale Gás on the household economy

The Vale Gás initiative seeks to mitigate the damage caused by inflation and rising cooking gas prices. According to information from the Ministry of Citizenship, the program has the potential to help about 11 million Brazilian families. It is important to note that the right to Vale Gás does not prevent access to other social assistance, such as Bolsa Família.

Vale Gás payment calendar

Beneficiaries of the Vale Gás Program must pay attention to the dates of aid payments and, as previously indicated, keep their data up to date in the Unified Register (CadUnico). The benefit can be availed when purchasing any 13 kg gas cylinder anywhere that sells this product.

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For families that meet the criteria for this program, Vale Gás certainly provides significant assistance to the family budget, considering that it makes an essential product of daily life more accessible.


In this context, Vale Gás emerges as an alternative to provide low-income families with access to this basic commodity. This measure helps reduce the effects of high gas prices and contributes to improving the living conditions of these residents.

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