Vaccination was further accelerated in the UK

Vaccination was further accelerated in the UK

LONDON – All adults in the UK will be vaccinated against the corona virus by the end of July, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said.

He pointed out that the target of reaching everyone over the age of 50 and those with current medical conditions has been expedited by April 15.

“Achieving 15 million vaccines is an important milestone, but there will be no fighting and I want implementation to go faster and faster in the coming weeks. Our goal now is to give a dose to all adults by the end of July, which will help protect the most vulnerable as soon as possible,” he said.

The Manchester Evening News recalls that the goal is to vaccinate all adults by September, with the goal of reaching everyone over the age of 50 in the first nine priority groups by May. The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI) has not yet defined the order of priority for the next phase, those under 50 years of age. Our world data shows that the United Kingdom has more than 17 million vaccines.

Some restrictions have been lifted in Israel because studies have shown that the Pfizer vaccine is effective in preventing 98.9% of hospitalizations and deaths. Shops, libraries and museums may be open from today, but social distances and masks are still needed.

Russia registers third vaccine

Russia, meanwhile, has registered its third vaccine against Kovit-19, a step towards the final stages of clinical development. “In mid-March, the first 120 thousand volumes [de la tercera vacuna] They will be available. Russia is the only country with three vaccines, ”said Prime Minister Mikhail Mistin.

Avian influenza strain detected in humans

Russian officials say they have detected the first case of H5N1 bird flu in humans and have already reported it to the World Health Organization (WHO). Anna Popova, president of the Russian health agency Rospotrebnadzor, said that although the H5N8 strain has already “crossed the species barrier”, the spread of the virus from birds to humans “does not spread from one person to another, at the present moment”.

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