University bans Chinese survivors from talking about communism

University bans Chinese survivors from talking about communism

Xi Van Fleet, a survivor of… China From Mao Zedong, who spoke at Campus On the dangers of communism, as well as his criticisms of culture Leave “Progressive,” Fox News reported Monday, the 24th.

The veto was in response to a request from Turning Point USA, funded by foundations and conservative donors, including the Republican Party. The resolution received nine votes to four.

The student union at the university, which is located in Spokane, Washington state, denied Xi’s speech, arguing that his positions were published in Twitter It could be considered “harmful or offensive”, due to their criticism of “progressive” left-wing culture.

This is because Xi Van Fleet frequently warns of the similarities he sees between the “progressive” left and his experience of living in China’s Zedong Cultural Revolution, including censorship of dissenting views.

China finds the decision worrying

For Xi, the student body’s decision is worrying because Whitworth University is a private school, Founded as a Christian institution.

Shi asked, “What are they afraid of?” A survivor of Chinese communism added, “Those people who believe in lived experience will then get the lived experience from me, because I am not speaking of an idea that I have read, researched, or taught.”

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