United States Connection: Orinter brings partners together in Rio

United States Connection: Orinter brings partners together in Rio

Panrotas / Marlos Balbino

Jorge Souza and Roberto Sanchez, from Orienter

It’s USA (and Rio de Janeiro) Day for Orienter Tour and Travel. The operator brings to Cidade Maravilhosa another version of Orinter United States Connection and throughout the day there are workshops and presentations on key North American destinations for a Brazilian audience. More than 200 travel agents from all regions of the country attend this event, since there are about 30 operator-supplier partners connected to the United States.

“The United States is the second best-selling international destination by Orinter, after Europe, but the trend is to become a leader, as it facilitates the issuance of visas and improves the air network. And it is quite logical to contact agents at this time, and then another connection to the USA ”

Roberto Sanchez, Commercial Director at Orinter

In his view, Orinter has the most complete shelf in the United States, with excellent weather conditions, hotels, attractions, and services in general. “We always strive to be the complete solution so that the agent does not need to dig around in different parts.”

Florida destinations are still Orinter’s top sellers when it comes to the United States, but there is a clear trend toward less traveled destinations, according to Sanchez. “California is growing a lot, not only in Los Angeles, but in other areas as well, such as wineries, San Diego and San Francisco. We also felt a significant increase in the music path in the South and in the Central part destinations, especially for travelers who already know the United States. Request ​​This client is the low-volume space in Brazil.”

Finally, Sanchez stresses the importance of having the “family name” Mundi for negotiations in the United States. The Brazilian operator was acquired by Texas-based Mondee eight months ago.

“This certainly enhances our negotiations, mainly in terms of distribution and efficiencies, and adds a lot to our portfolio. In the air segment, for example, Mondee has the highest number of NDC, Tier 4 contracts.”

See photos of Orinter’s 2023 United States Connection below

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