United Kingdom. ‘Brexit’ and Govt leave empty shelves

United Kingdom.  ‘Brexit’ and Govt leave empty shelves

On a street perpendicular to Oxford Street – one of the best landmarks in London, especially for its stores – the scene of recent weeks repeats itself: Linda Robinson, 41, leaves the supermarket with her shopping list. “No cheese. The milk cabinets are completely empty. The fruit and vegetable section. In fact, everything that is fresh is missing,” he explains to Expresso. After leaving, another customer begins to search for what is still missing here, and although the shortage is so varied and widespread that he hopes to find it in other stores, he thinks, “For now, it’s not worth the effort.”

Just a kilometer away, at 10 Downing Street, Boris Johnson was forced to do the math in his head. The British Prime Minister faced many problems at once, without major jumps in popularity so far, but the future was complicated, at a time when the difficulties announced by businessmen and associations began to realize themselves in life of citizens. From emergencies to gas stations, supply shortages in supermarkets, and workers in the catering and healthcare sectors, British daily life is low and volatile.

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