United Kingdom: 75% of new cases of Govt-19 are of Indian origin The world

United Kingdom: 75% of new cases of Govt-19 are of Indian origin  The world

Minister of Health UK, Matt Hancock, said up to 75% of new cases on Thursday Govit-19 Found in the country the previous day Variation Was first identified India.

At a news conference, Hancock revealed that 3,542 new diseases have been confirmed in the last 24 hours, the highest number since April.

In an analysis of the status of the epidemic, the British BBC Network said so The Indian variant dominates the UK, altering the initially identified mutation in the Kent region of southeastern England.

However, the BBC stressed that the figures quoted by the health minister could be distorted as the government is conducting additional tests for Kovit-19 in areas where the Indian variant is already known to be spreading.

Despite the increase in infections, Hancock said the vaccine campaign is helping to “reduce the link” between cases, hospitalizations and covit-19 deaths.

British officials say Bolton is one of the fastest-growing areas of Indian diversity. Of the 49 people admitted to hospitals in the region, only five received two-dose vaccines against Govt-19, the minister said.

Hancock also said that the latest data from the National Bureau of Statistics (ONS) revealed it 75% of adults in the UK have antibodies against Govit-19. Among those under the age of 50, that number reaches 90%, the minister says.

UK Health Minister Matt Hankok: The vaccine helps reduce the link between cases, hospitalizations and deaths from Govt-19 – Photo: Alberto Pesali / AB Photo

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