Unipar changes CEO; The focus now is international growth

Unipar changes CEO;  The focus now is international growth

Rodrigo Cannavale will lead the company from April, when the term of current CEO, Mauricio Russomanno, ends, Unipar said.

Cannavale is a former executive director of BASF in Brazil and abroad, and was industrial director of Unipar for four years.

“Mauricio has contributed greatly to the company in terms of realigning and executing our strategic guidelines for sustainable growth.” president Bruno Ochino told Brazil Journal. “Now, the next cycle will require a deeper look at the company, which includes consolidating the assets we may acquire.”

The change in leadership comes as the largest producer of chlorine and soda and the second-largest producer of PVC in South America analyzes merger and acquisition opportunities in the United States and Europe.

Cannavale has already been directly involved in these plans, which require the integration and optimization of industrial and business processes.

Another challenge facing the new CEO is technological modernization; Unipar is preparing one of the largest capex cycles in its history. The company expects to invest more than one billion Brazilian riyals in modernizing its factories over the next two years.

Among the major projects already announced are the implementation of replacement mercury and diaphragm technologies for chlorine and soda production, and the commissioning of the new Kamassari plant.

Unipar's PN stock – the most liquid – closed the day at R$70, with the company valued at R$7 billion on the stock exchange.

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