Understanding the Synthesizer

There have been many famous songs using a signature ‘synth sound’. From Enola Gay, through to Das Model, Take On Me and many more, the synth has been used frequently over the decades in all manner of music. But how can you get the best out of one?

What is a Synthesizer?

Before buying your synthesizer it’s important to know what it actually is. Despite its outlandish reputation the synth is actually a relatively straightforward instrument. It simply produces audio signals in a variety of ways, typically via an oscillator, filter, volume/filter envelope, and an amplifier. Those sounds are then modified by a range of effects.

Why Use a Synthesizer?

Using a synth has many benefits. The first is that you simply have such an incredibly broad variety of sounds at your fingertips. Most synths will come with a number of presets to get you started and get you making music, but from there, through some simple parameter modifications, you can begin creating your own sounds.

They also offer a gateway to other types of musical instruments, both electronic and traditional. This can be invaluable if you’re looking to develop your DJ and music production skills, as using a synth can help develop your timing and understanding of digital music manipulation. If you combine a synth with a set of quality studio monitors, you can be making music before you know it.

Another key benefit to consider is that synths are comparatively portable. This means you can integrate them into a DJ kit and start gigging, or you can share music-making with friends relatively easily. Despite their portability they still offer a phenomenal amount of sounds to play with, allowing them to be a spectacular vent for your musical creativity.

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Getting Started On Your Synth Journey

There are many different synths available depending on what you’re looking to achieve and the kind of sounds you want to make. Whatever you decide on, it’s important that you prepare ahead of time and learn how to get started with playing the synth.

Whichever you decide to go for, consider buying your synth from Bax Music. You can get clear benefits such as a 30-day trial period, free returns, and a guarantee of up to three years on selected items. That means the stress and the hassle is taken out of your synth buying process, leaving you free to focus on exploring your new musical opportunities.

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