Understand Angel Test Avon Esmalts | Evidence for Angel Mina Avon

Understand Angel Test Avon Esmalts |  Evidence for Angel Mina Avon

Welcome to another BBB21 Angel Tasting which is from Avon enamel. It lasts long and dries in just 60 seconds. Passed and dry. Tasting will require agility and good memory. Firstly, you will put yourself in the hallway, you will play one by one and wait 60 seconds. Once the paint dries Nails, the circle is released. You will have to look for the five nail polish that will appear on the screen template. There are many screens. Poor on the table, the others closed in a box. You will then need to take a key and open this box. In fact, taking the key is Horror every newly made nail as you know. If you need to check the template again because it has disappeared, you will press the button right in the middle of the circle, on the Avon gate, exactly in the middle of the circle. There you will save more time, the screen will appear again With the pattern. When you reach the end of the circle, you will collect your notes and ap insert the other button near this template. Each hit equals one point. The angel who wins the most points wins. If there is a tie, whoever gets the fastest wins.

Check what happened at dawn on 04/17 at BBB21

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