Under pressure, Ed Pereira hires a famous criminal from Florianópolis.

Under pressure, Ed Pereira hires a famous criminal from Florianópolis.

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Since new details about Operation Presságio emerged, about three weeks ago, Florianópolis' former Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sports, Ed Pereira, has been under pressure. There are suspected irregularities in transferring resources to sports projects in the capital, in addition to other incidents. Initially, Ed appointed family attorneys to work on preliminary investigations already being processed in the Capital District Criminal Court in the Capital District. However, after the release of audio recordings and new facts about him, he changed his strategy and hired a famous criminal lawyer in the capital.

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This Wednesday (13), Claudio Gastão da Rosa Filho, known for his work on high-profile cases, officially joined Ed's defense, filing a petition related to the case in court. There has not yet been an order from Judge Elliston Kanali, who is in charge of Operation Presagio, and the application submitted by the former secretary's new lawyer. The petition has only been sent to the Public Prosecution Service (MP-SC), which will take a position on the defense arguments.

In recent weeks, the article found, Ed has spoken to different criminal lawyers. Moreover, he will also be under pressure from people close to him to tell him what he knows about the investigations.

With the appointment of Gastau, the trend is for the former secretary not to choose the path of conviction and to seek to discuss the case legally. The article sought to contact the lawyer, but he said he would not comment “at this time.”

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