Ultrapar Expects to Sell Extrafarma to Pague Menos Series – Money Times

Ultrapar Expects to Sell Extrafarma to Pague Menos Series - Money Times
Ultrapar decided to sell Extrafarma as part of its portfolio realignment (Image: Facebook / Extrafarma)

a Altbarbar (UGPA3She confirmed on Tuesday that she had signed a contract to sell her pharmacy unit ExtraPharma to me Pay less (PGMN3), In an operation worth 700 million Qatari riyals.

According to a related fact, the deal will be repaid in three stages, in the ratio of 50% upon the signing of the deal and further installments of 25% each and after two years in a row.

Reuters reported earlier on Tuesday that Pago Minos had reached an agreement to buy ExtraPharma, citing sources familiar with the matter.

The deal should make Pague Menos the second largest drugstore retail store in Brazil, after DR, the flagship owner Drogasil (RADL3And Druja Raya. Currently, Pague Menos is the third largest pharmacy chain.

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One source said that the purchase of Extrafarma will increase the number of Pay Menos stores by more than a third, to 1,503 units, and strengthen its presence mainly in the north and northeast regions of Brazil. ExtraPharma has 402 stores.

Pague Menos, which has General Atlantic’s private equity director as an investor, will pay R $ 300 million for Ultrapar’s stake in the retailer when the Cade gives the green light to the deal.

The rest will be paid over the next two years, in two equal installments. Considering debt and cash, the total value of Extrafarma has been determined at OMR 700 million.

The business is expected to create synergies between 150 million and 250 million OMR in the next three years to achieve profits before OutlayOne source added, Pague Menos taxes, depreciation and amortization (Ebitda), mainly due to the potential increase in Extrafarma sales.

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Analysts from Bradesco BBI He said in a report that Pague Menos will pay around 1.5 million riyals per store, about the cost of opening a new one. For Pague Menos, the advantage is that it can accelerate its expansion plan with stores that will generate revenue once the company is incorporated.

This should be the first purchase that Pague Menos has made since you completed the premiere of Procedures (Underwriting) in August.

Ultrapar decided to sell Extrafarma as part of its portfolio realignment, focusing on the oil and gas sector. The group has exclusive negotiations with Petrobras to purchase the Refap refinery in Rio Grande do Sul.

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