Ukrainian soldiers are receiving military training in the UK

Ukrainian soldiers are receiving military training in the UK

MMore than 20 Ukrainian soldiers are currently training in the UK to use armored vehicles already provided by Britain to Kiev troops to help counter Russian military offensive.

Sky News quoted official sources as saying that the army in question had arrived last week to train Ukrainian troops to operate 120 vehicles provided by the United Kingdom.

Must be trained to operate Mastiff, Wolfhound and Husky armored vehicles, and Ukrainians must learn how to use Samaritan ambulances and Sultan & Samson armored reconnaissance vehicles.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed for the first time that Ukrainian forces were in the UK during his visit to India, where he has been since Wednesday with the intention of getting an Indian executive to ‘idealize’ its relations with Russia.

“We are currently training Ukrainians in the use of air defense in Poland, in fact in this country [no Reino Unido] To use armored vehicles “, he confirmed.

The prime minister’s press secretary has promised that “a few dozen” Ukrainians are currently in the United Kingdom – and that more Ukrainian soldiers are expected in the country to build a military presence.

On the 57th day, the Russian military offensive that began on February 24 in Ukraine had already killed nearly 2,000 civilians, warning that the actual number would be even higher, according to UN data.

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