UK releases world’s largest collection of human genome | Science and health

UK releases world’s largest collection of human genome |  Science and health

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Hey UK Biobank – Database for genetic, health and other biological data – Complete sequences released for Genome of 500,000 volunteers British. now, Researchers People around the world can request access to the data and use it to investigate the genetic basis of diseases, conditions and other issues – by meeting certain criteria.

“Scientists look at this like Google Maps,” Rory Collins, chief executive of UK Biobank, said at a press conference. “When they want to know about lifestyle pathways, environment, genetics and disease, they don’t go to Google, they go to the UK Biobank.”

According to the scientific journal nature, the biobank invested £200 million (about US$250 million, the money came from the UK government, biomedical research funder Wellcome and several pharmaceutical companies). In contrast, organizations were able to access the data nine months before it was released more widely.

According to Michael Weedon, a human geneticist at the University of Exeter (UK), complete coding of genomes allows scientists to discover extremely rare mutations. “We hope that rare variants will provide us with more information about the biology.”

In a recent example, after accessing a “preview” of GenBank, a team led by Weedon extracted 200,000 whole genomes from biobank data, and found 29 rare DNA variants that were involved in significant differences in height between individuals – more than 7 centimetres. These variants have not been discovered in previous genetic research.

To date, Biobank has issued more than 9,000 scientific publications.


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