UK minister urges PM to cut taxes before election

UK minister urges PM to cut taxes before election

British Prime Minister Michael Gove said on Sunday he wanted to see tax cuts before next year’s expected election, putting pressure on his boss, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who responded that the best cut would be to reduce inflation.

With the Conservatives trailing Labor in the polls and closing the gap somewhat, Sunak is under pressure to deliver a new agenda not just for his party but for a country suffering from a cost-of-living crisis.

Yet he had little to say in response to Cove, who said he wanted to see tax cuts, echoing calls from senior Tories that reducing the fiscal burden was the only way to win the next election.

“I think there needs to be a debate about where the financial burden should end, not now, but sooner rather than later,” Gove told Sky News. “I would like to see the financial burden reduced before the next election,” he said, adding that workers should focus on this reduction.

Speaking to the BBC moments later, Mr Sunak reiterated his position that “the best tax cut we can give Labor is to halve inflation”.

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