UK deregulation ‘good news’ for Alcarve tourism

UK deregulation 'good news' for Alcarve tourism

As of this Monday, anyone traveling from Portugal to the UK will not have to comply with the isolation. Jono Fernandez, head of Alcarve Tourism Region, is optimistic about this new phase: this Monday alone, 28 flights from the UK are expected to arrive at Foro Airport.

Removing an isolated order for returnees from Portugal or Spain to the UK, if they are vaccinated, says, “This is good news because about 35 million Britons already have this condition, and every day this number increases to about 160,000. One day Britain will receive a second dose” , Recalled the “most important need ability” of the British people.

However, the representative of the Alcarve Tourism Region reminds us that Portugal is not isolated in racing. “We are in open competition with Spain, but we usually compete with Greece, Italy, France and Mediterranean countries for this British demand,” says Joao Fernandez.

The head of the Alcarve Tourism Region is pleased to note the schedule of flights scheduled for the next few hours to Alcarve. “Today there are already 28 flights arriving at Foro Airport from various parts of the UK. We are talking about nearly 5,000 destinations. Most airlines have not yet disrupted their operations, making an effort to maintain the flights, but the flights came in at low rates.”

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Now there is an expectation that “the given capacity is complete” and that the function will be strengthened over the weekend. Foro Airport returns to the hustle and bustle of summer days.

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