UK builds robot and people ask Netflix star for help!

UK builds robot and people ask Netflix star for help!

What I am not surprised about is the fact that scientists are working to create robots that look just like humans. After all, we have had the opportunity to see how it goes in the movies, and to be honest, how many of them are doing well? Well, the situation is complicated …

That being said, we recently learned that the UK-based company Engineering Arts has developed a new robot called Amega. What attracted the most attention was that it looks just like humans. Also, calls for help have already begun to fall in the inbox of one of Netflix and one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. But who are we talking about?

This actor is back for Peeky Blinders Season 6!

UK builds robot and people ask Netflix star for help!

So it is not very difficult to know who we are talking about. After all, there is only one great actor who is well known for his excellent fight with robots, and he is none other than Will Smith.

Thus, the actor is bombarded to get ready for what is going to happen. And everything that happened in the world-famous “Progetto Gemini” movie can be undone. But below are some of the phrases given to the actor:

  • “I hope Will Smith is ready to save us …”
  • “This new robot has more exposure than Bella from the Twilight movie! Will Smith come here? ”
  • A robot like this will still kill everyone! Will Smith warned us well… ”

Netflix star

In short, what do you think about the creation of these robots that have been in the news lately? I do not think it’s fun, it’s like a movie, but please share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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