UK Athletics follows World Athletics and bans trans women | Athletics

UK Athletics follows World Athletics and bans trans women |  Athletics

UK Athletics has decided to ban trans women from participating in women's competitions from Friday. The decision comes in line with the ban imposed by the International Federation (World Athletics) on international competitions.

The entity's previous approach was to include athletes depending on their testosterone level. But the British Athletics Federation announced on Friday that it had obtained the required guarantees from the country's bodies regarding legislation related to the subject.

Women's Athletics – Photo: Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

According to The Guardian, the federation is considering creating a category open to transgender competitors.

With the IAAF's decision, athletes who have reached puberty will not be able to compete in events valid for the women's world classification from March 31. But President Sebastian Coe confirmed last week that the decision was not final.

Sebastian Coe IAAF World Championships Doha 2019 — Photograph: Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Decisions involving conflicting needs and rights between different groups are always difficult. We will continue our vision that we must maintain justice for mathematics above all other considerations – he stated at the time.

– Let us be guided by the science regarding physical performance and male advantage that will inevitably evolve in the coming years. As more evidence emerges, we will review our position, but we believe the integrity of the women's category in athletics is fundamental, he concluded.

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