Ugly; Velha: The first shack of “A Fazenda 13” with Rikko and Solange

"Feio; Velha": Primeiro barraco de "A Fazenda 13" é com Rico e Solange

That hay started early in the thirteenth season of the reality‘, from Record TV. The protagonists were Rico Melquiades NS Solange Gomez. It wasn’t really a surprise, because the two of them already had such a good reputation. The thing was ugly! While one of them was called ugly, another was called old. Crime exchange! Come to understand the context.

First, watch the cottage video:

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chest dynamics

The shack took place due to the “Baú da Fazenda”, a dynamic held on Thursday (16), the day the traditional removals take place. There were big prizes that evolved, like vehicle and immunity (which is valuable in a reality show).

During the game, the pawns chose typical items of the farm, each one worthy of a secret prize. First, 10 names were drawn and each of these people eliminated another person from the game – which was already a climax. Later, more names were drawn for a precious item, but it was not so easy. On the orders of the presenter Adrien Galistio, the people who were out of the game returned, while others left.

See who won what:

Gui Araujo received 8 thousand Brazilian riyals
Tati Quebra Barraco got 3000 BRL
Nego do Borel got 9000 Brazilian Real
Dynho Alves received 10 thousand Brazilian riyals
Tiago Piquilo received 5 thousand Brazilian riyals
Erasmo Viana received 7000 Brazilian riyals
Dayane Mello received 4 thousand Brazilian riyals
Valentina Francavilla took 4 thousand dollars
Aline Mineiro got immunity
Medrado took a car

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Riku was taken out of the game by Solange

With the context explained, let’s get to the facts! Solange Gomez tear Rico Melquiades From dispute to prizes. The boy was not satisfied at all and went for some explanations. Soon he put her as the main target of the rooster while she was all working on debauchery.

I will vote for her for the countryside. I didn’t have the right to vote, but I would vote for her in the country. I have nothing against anyone and it’s my vote, I just knowRikuo was released, and he’s still with the live show. Some people laughed but Adrien Galistio He wanted to make it public and questioned the statement. He completed:This is really true. I will vote for her. Oh, I can’t even because it’s in the booth. I’m nervous here. I feel nervous. I have shivering meatHe said.

Solange Gomez He said he made his decision because he had a good intuition, which is cause for sarcasm. Hence, both of them declared that they are rivals in the game.

The hut at rest

The atmosphere got heavier when the live show went into intermission, but the PlayPlus cameras showed what’s going on…a big hut! Solange Gomez I was thinking that bad word Rico He said he was directed at her and was interrogating. He denied it, but continued to the hut. He reiterated that he would vote for her and described her as crazy.

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Photo: TV Recording / PlayPlus

solange Don’t leave cheap!

“You want to be Carlinhos Maya, but it’s too far… Call me crazy, that’s what Brazil loves. Solange has arrived,” she exclaimed.

Rico He was even angrier when accused of making a mistake. “I don’t want to meet you. He talks a lot of bad words all day long. You want to fight me because no one knows youSolange shouted.


“I’m really talking, what’s up? Did you get upset? Hit the bell and ask to leave. Who are you? If no one knows me who knows you? You want to show up,” he shouted.

Want more cottage! there he is! The exchange of offenses began. Rico named solange From “Rotten”, from “willing stage”, “old crook” and more. actually solange named Rico “Ugly”, “fish-eye”, “entrenched in Carlinhos Maya”, “wanting to appear”, “nobody knows who you are”, “unknown share” and so on!

I got heavy!

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