Uber makes historic deal and recognizes union for first time in UK

Uber makes historic deal and recognizes union for first time in UK

Uber signs historic agreement on Wednesday (May 26, 2021) with one of the largest unions in the UK GMB, In a process that benefits the drivers of the passenger transport utility. This is the first time the company has recognized a union. To read Release Do GMB (1.007 KB).

The union will be able to represent about 70,000 Uber drivers in the UK, who will retain the freedom to choose when and where to drive. The idea is that the company is responsible for protecting workers’ rights in discussions about income, pensions, health, safety and well-being.

With the approval of the GMB, for the first time Uber gives the union the right to negotiate on behalf of drivers. Even with a contract, drivers do not automatically become members and must apply to be represented by that company.

The innovative agreement between GMB and Uber may be the first step towards a better working life for millions of peopleMick Ricks, the union’s national manager, said:

Although Uber and GMP may not seem like obvious allies, we have always acknowledged that drivers should be at the forefront, and today we have made this important agreement to improve labor safety.“Jamie Howe is the director general of Uber’s Northern and Eastern European region.

Uber opposed recognizing the unions and criticized it for not giving its drivers such basic rights as the minimum wage. The application argued that workers Individuals And are not entitled to these benefits.

In March this year, the company changed its position after the UK Supreme Court ruled that drivers should be classified as workers, entitled to better wages and working conditions, and offered benefits such as paid leave to drivers.

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