Uber contracts with UK to build electric car

Arrival Car: parceria entre a Uber e a Arrival

Uber does not have a fleet of cars. In turn, it has a framework of drivers who use their own means of transportation to respond to customer requests. However, the company is moving in another direction as it has signed a contract with a UK company to build an electric car.

Innovation has a clear purpose and will be developed for the purpose of Uber drivers.

Uber wants drivers in its own electric car

Uber recently signed a contract with an English company Visit, For the development of the electric car. It must be accessible and guarantee good autonomy for its drivers. This is because the joint purpose is to create an electric car specially made for them.

According to Revealed, The electric car created by the arrival will be made with the involvement of those who are going to use it. In addition, they expect to start production by the end of 2023.

Attendance Car: The combination between overcrowding and arrival

Priorities when creating an attendance car, among others, will be accessibility, comfort and autonomy.

Although it is a recent company, the visit will also explore a strategic relationship with overseas markets, including the United States.

Attendance Car: The combination between overcrowding and arrival

Attendance will contribute to change

Recall that the United Kingdom has set a time limit of 2030 to ban the sale of new conventional cars. At the same time, Uber wants its operation to be fully electric, by 2025 in London, and across North America and Europe by 2030.

Attendance Car: The combination between overcrowding and arrival

Finding solutions to combat climate change, he raised more than $ 135 million for his drivers in London to go by electric car.

Our focus now is on encouraging drivers to use this money to convert to electric vehicles, and with the advent our partnership will help achieve this goal.

Revealed Jamie Howd, Uber Regional Manager for Northern and Eastern Europe.

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