Typhoon leaves dead in China and hundreds injured | Scientist

Typhoon leaves dead in China and hundreds injured |  Scientist

Two cyclones killed at least 12 people and injured more than 400 in the early hours of Saturday (15), after crossing the center and east of the city. China. Winds of up to 260 km / h have swept across Wuhan, the birthplace of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Eight people were killed and 280 others were injured, according to officials in Hubei Province, whose capital is Wuhan. The wind collided with two construction cranes and one of them fell on a construction site, causing severe damage. Vehicles were damaged, trees uprooted and umbrellas untouched.

More than 26,000 Chinese were left without electricity after the electricity poles were destroyed. About thirty houses collapsed.

Wind speeds reached 200 km / h, local officials in Suzhou, near Shanghai on the coast, killing four, losing one and injuring 130 others, according to a preliminary estimate.

Pictures posted on social media showed a black spiral that had damaged so much in its path.

In early May, a violent storm accompanied by strong winds killed 11 people in a city near Shanghai.

In March, the capital, Beijing, and dozens of northern provinces in the country faced sand winds from the Gobi Desert. It was the heaviest sandstorm in the past ten years.

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