Two people have been diagnosed with bird flu in England

Two people have been diagnosed with bird flu in England

Two people have been diagnosed with bird flu in England, according to the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), on Tuesday (16/5).

The infected people are poultry farmers who work on a farm where cases of bird flu infection among animals have already been confirmed. They are infected with influenza A (H5) virus, but have no symptoms of illness. Confirmation was made through an asymptomatic testing program for people who had contact with infected birds.

The British Authority said: “Based on the time of exposure and test results, it is possible that one of the individuals had infection in the nose and/or throat due to inhaled materials on the farm, while for the second individual it is difficult to determine what the cause is.” In the current situation.

The authorities did not discover any evidence of human-to-human transmission. They stated that the two positive cases do not change the level of human health risk of bird flu, which remains “very low” for the general population.

“Current evidence suggests that the avian influenza viruses we see circulating among birds around the world are not easily transmitted to humans. However, we already know that the virus can spread to people after close contact with infected birds, and for this reason, through screening programs As such, we are monitoring people who have been exposed to learn more about this risk., UKHSA Chief Medical Advisor.

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