Two extended holidays have been announced at Royal Jordanian

Two extended holidays have been announced at Royal Jordanian

Workers in Rio de Janeiro received a real gift with a long vacation

You don't need to be a huge expert on the subject to come to the conclusion that all employees are just as excited about the holidays. This is because if the date falls during the week, for example, those working on a formal contract (CLT) are entitled to take time off and stay away from work activities.

Speaking of which, Rio de Janeiro has plenty of reasons to celebrate. It turns out that two long city breaks will be confirmed for millions of people. For those who do not know, the capital of Rio will be the scene of another edition of the G20, which brings together the world's 19 largest economies.

This event, which will be held in November, will bring together heads of major countries in the world. Given this status, the city of Rio de Janeiro is planning to hold a series of test events to ensure the safety of these important politicians. Speaking of which, a long weekend is planned.

Holiday for workers in Rio de Janeiro (Photo: Reproduction/Internet)

What days will be vacation?

According to information issued by the newspaper “O Globo”, one of the ideas is to reduce movement in the city. Therefore, the city council decided to declare local holidays on the 18th (Monday) and 19th (Tuesday). The idea is to change the national holiday for the declaration of the republic, November 15, to Saturday and Sunday.

A day off for workers in Rio de Janeiro (Photo: Reproduction/Internet)
A day off for workers in Rio de Janeiro (Photo: Reproduction/Internet)

He also combined it with November 20, which is also a holiday due to Black Consciousness. Therefore, workers in Rio de Janeiro will have a real “break” with six days of rest. It is worth noting that this news is widely celebrated and many people are already planning the activities they will carry out.

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3 holidays confirmed at SP (Image: Reproduction/Internet)

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Holidays in São Paulo (Photo: Reproduction, Montage - TV Foco)

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Cariocas celebrates: A new holiday has just been announced at Royal Jordanian and thousands of workers are celebrating

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