TV Globo evaluates Alessandra Poggi’s summary of the sixth hour – behind the scenes

TV Globo evaluates Alessandra Poggi’s summary of the sixth hour – behind the scenes

The author may publish her second novel in the series.

Alessandra Poggi He wants another TV series to be shown at six o’clock Globo TV. I have submitted a summary and are awaiting a response. Even if approved, the playwright’s idea will not go into production until it is reproduced “They are for them”which will debut on the 25th of the month, and the new plot of Mario TeixeiraScheduled for April 2024.

“Beyond Illusion” was Boogie’s first chart-topping single. Previously, in 2017, she wrote “Os Dias Eram Assim” with Angela Chaves at 11 p.m.

After the cancellation of Lícia Manzo’s project, “O País de Alice”, Globo’s drama department decided to invest in a workshop to train new authors at 6 p.m. Participants include Carla Faour and Giulia Spadasini (“Second Call”), Renata Correa (“Rensga Hits!”), Martha Mendonça and Nelito Fernandez (“Eva’s Daughters”), and Jacqueline Souza and Renata Martins (“Impossible Stories”). Wendel Bendelak (who collaborated on TV series like “Pega Pega,” “Cara e Coragem,” and “Nos Tempos do Imperador”), Clessa Martinez (collaborator on “Terra e Paixão”), and Dino Cantelli (who was part of “Mar Do Sertão) and Mariani Ferreira (from Amor Perfetto). The idea is that beginners are supervised by more experienced professionals.

With information from journalist Ana Luisa Santiago, from Colonna Play (O Globo).

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