Trump will travel to Argentina to meet with Javier Miley – Key Time Zone

Trump will travel to Argentina to meet with Javier Miley – Key Time Zone

Former US President Donald Trump speaks at South Texas International Airport in Edinburgh, Texas, USA,

former president of the United States, Donald Trumpwill travel to Buenos Airesin Argentinato meet Javier Miley, the liberal confirmed on X (formerly Twitter). The Argentine and North American spoke on Wednesday evening, and the Republican congratulated the president-elect on his victory. Trump told him, according to Milley, who is an admirer of the former head of state in the United States: “Your victory by such a margin has a global impact.” we. This message was published on social media minutes after journalist Luis Magol, who works for several Argentine media outlets, including the newspaper “La Nacion,” published the news on his account on the social networking site From Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of former President Jair Bolsonaro (2019-2023).

The conversation and its content were confirmed by Miley’s press office in a statement in which it revealed that “Trump expected to travel to Buenos Aires to meet with him.” This was the first direct contact between Miley and Trump after the Argentine won the presidential elections. The former president had previously sent him a congratulatory video after the Argentine won the presidential elections. In parallel, the local press reported that Miley will take a quick trip to New York on Friday, the 24th of this month, for personal reasons, and return to Buenos Aires the next day. The goal, according to the press, is to visit the grave of a rabbi. However, Diana Mondino, whom Miley appointed as a future advisor, announced that she was “not aware” of any information about this trip. Information about Trump’s trip to Argentina comes after a conversation between Miley and Joe BidenThe North American leader congratulated him on his victory, but informed him that he would not attend his inauguration ceremony scheduled for next December 10, due to scheduling problems.

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Biden (81 years old) will run for re-election in the presidential elections in November next year. Among the Republican candidates who could face Biden in the race for the White House is former President Trump, to whom the Argentine economist extended very complimentary words. On election night, Trump declared that he was “proud” of the far-right leader’s victory. “Congratulations to Javier Miley on his great election as President of Argentina. The whole world was watching! I am so proud of you,” the former US president wrote on social media. In another message, Trump posted a photo of Miley and wrote: “Let’s make Argentina great again,” in A reference to the slogan promoted by the Republican in the 2016 US elections.

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