Trump says he will accept the presidency of the US House of Representatives to unite Republicans

Trump says he will accept the presidency of the US House of Representatives to unite Republicans
Trump spoke amid controversy over replacing Kevin McCarthy. American legislation allows a person who is not a representative to preside over the Council| Photograph: EFE/EPA/Peter Foley

Former US President Donald Trump told Fox News that he would agree to serve as Speaker of the House of Representatives for a short period of time in order to “unite” the Republican Party.

“They asked me if I would accept [o cargo] for a short period by the party, until they reach a conclusion (…). “I will do that if necessary, if they cannot make a decision.”

The statement came at a time when Republicans, who narrowly control the House of Representatives, are trying to choose a successor to Kevin McCarthy, who on Tuesday (3) became the first leader of the House of Representatives to be removed after submitting a motion to approve.

The proposal was presented by Congressman Matt Gaetz, from Florida, and was supported by seven other Republicans allied with the former president – in addition to all representatives of the Democratic Party, affiliated with current President Joe Biden.

Some political analysts highlight the fact that Trump did not defend McCarthy as one of the main reasons that led to the downfall of the Republican actor.

Trump had already been considered for Speaker of the House in January, when a split in the wing of Gaetz and other Republican members of Congress with the party’s leadership forced several votes until McCarthy was eventually elected.

According to the NBC television network, Trump, who is leading in all opinion polls for the primary elections that will determine the Republican Party’s presidential nominee for the 2024 elections, is preparing to visit the Capitol building in Washington early next week, before the start of voting, which is scheduled for Wednesday.

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Earlier this week, the former president confirmed that his interest is not in leading the House of Representatives, but rather in the presidency of the country.

Although there is nothing preventing a person from outside Congress from assuming the presidency of the Council, the Republicans themselves agreed, last January, that this position cannot be in the hands of persons accused of charges punishable by imprisonment for two years or more in the case of Condemn them. Trump is accused in four criminal cases whose maximum possible sentence could exceed 700 years in prison, so this option, if the rules do not change, will not be viable.

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