Tropical Storm Ophelia may hit North America’s Atlantic coast on Friday

Tropical Storm Ophelia may hit North America’s Atlantic coast on Friday

A tropical storm off the Atlantic coast of the United States brought rain to North Carolina on Friday, and is expected to bring more rain, accompanied by strong winds and thunderstorms, in parts of Virginia and Delaware, the National Weather Service said.

Meteorological satellite image from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) showing Tropical Storm Ophelia 09/22/2023 NOAA/Disclosure via Reuters

Photo: Reuters

In Virginia, Governor Glen Youngkin declared a state of emergency in anticipation of the storm called Ophelia, which is expected to hit the state on Friday evening. Concern about the arrival of the storm has already prompted some schools to close their doors and cancel their activities, according to what the local press reported.

Youngkin said in his statement that emergency crews will deploy ahead of the storm, which is expected to bring high waves, coastal flooding and tropical storm-force winds to areas in the Chesapeake Bay and tidal areas of the Potomac River.

Tropical storm warnings are in effect for much of the region, in addition to thunderstorm warnings, the National Weather Service said. Late Friday, the agency also issued a tornado warning for parts of eastern North Carolina, saying Air Force Reserve fighter jets were reporting Ophelia strengthening.

As of Friday night, Ophelia witnessed winds reaching speeds of 112.65 kilometers per hour, according to Air Force data, and is expected to reach coastal areas on Friday evening, accompanied by rain and strong winds until Saturday.

In addition to life-threatening storm surge along the coast, Ophelia could bring flooding from North Carolina to New Jersey through Sunday, the National Weather Service said.

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