Transform your WhatsApp chats with the new color option; know how

Transform your WhatsApp chats with the new color option;  know how

Hey WhatsApp for iOS Poised to deliver a more personalized experience. According to the WABetaInfo portal, the application has begun testing a new function that allows users to change the color of message bubbles. This update is part of an ongoing effort to make the messaging software more customizable, catering to diverse user preferences.

WhatsApp recently changed the color of notifications and buttons from blue to green on iOS. The new feature now is customizing message colors. Hence, users will be able to choose between five color options. The new feature is being tested in beta for iOS, and although it's still in its early stages, it promises to provide more freedom for those who want to customize their apps.

All about the new WhatsApp feature for iOS

Credit: WABetaInfo

The new update allows users to change the default color of chat bubbles, providing more customization options. The supplier offers five color options, including green, gray and yellow. In this way, the goal is to keep messages easy to read and ensure appropriate contrast for easy reading.

In addition to the new colors, WhatsApp for iOS recently got a more intense dark mode. This update is very popular among users because it makes it easier to read messages in low-light environments. Beta version is the version that includes this new color customization functionality. However, there are still no expectations for the official launch of this update.

Differences between iPhone applications

iOS apps offer differences with respect to their Android versions. iOS app development tends to focus more on improving performance and integration with the Apple ecosystem. This includes using unique features like 3D Touch and adapting to Apple's design guidelines, which prioritize simplicity and elegance.

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Additionally, the App Store has strict review policies, which often results in more stable and secure apps. Investment in personalization tools, such as the new color functionality in WhatsApp for iOS, reflects this approach.

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