Trans, whose name is Fufau, talks about financial difficulties and says she doesn’t have a job: “I won’t do prostitution myself.”

jojo olivera before and after applying 250ml of what is believed to be synthetic silicone to the face

Transgender woman Jojo Oliveira has spoken out about the financial difficulties in her life after her disfigured face. She revealed, who went public last year, that she is a victim of bullying and that she is called a “cookie” He says he has no job, no way to pay for daily expenses, let alone treatment. It is for this reason that he asks for financial help on the web. This is at least until he was able to perform the operation to repair the face.

“People come and say to me, ‘Go to work. “I, Jojo Oliveira, with a face like that, will ask people for help. I will not do prostitution myself and I do not have the job,” he says on his page.

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She also takes the opportunity to counter the attacks she receives: “If you can’t help, don’t interfere with me. Because, no matter Instagram, TV or other things, surgery will appear (…) You must respect me, no matter if I ask for money or not. No “.

Jojo Oliveira before and after putting 250ml of what I thought was synthetic silicone on her face Photo: clone/Instagram

The disfigurement occurred on Juju’s face after she underwent an operation in which synthetic silicone was placed on her face. He recently mentioned that the swelling in the face is increasing day by day.

“What they did to me was mean, they ruined my face, they put oil on my face. They didn’t do what I asked. I had a pretty face, I tried to make myself prettier…and they ended up doing them out of meanness,” she said at the time. This is not easy.

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Jojo Oliveira before applying silicone on the face
Jojo Oliveira before putting silicone on her face Photo: personal archive
Trans call request from Fofão for financial help on the web
Request via call from Fofão for financial assistance on the web Image: Reproduction / Instagram

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