Tralee paralyzes Globo with a public alert from the central bank

Tralee paralyzes Globo with a public alert from the central bank

The broadcaster shared a statement from the central bank and the possibility of a “surprise” money drop this month

Cesare Tralli He gave an important warning to Brazilians during the Jornal Hogi in Globo, on Monday, the 8th. The broadcaster spoke about the Central Bank, which was encouraging measures to release forgotten funds.

For those who haven't followed through, there are a large number of people who still have unpaid amounts from some financial institutions. The amount can range between R$10 and more than R$1,000 for some citizens who still don't know it.

“More than 40 million Brazilians have money forgotten in banks. Value advice is available in the central bank system, which warns to be careful when scams on the networks,” announced Cesar Tralli in Jornal Hogi, on Globo.

The Central Bank announced that millions of Brazilians forgot their money in financial institutions (Photo: Agência Brasil)

According to the news, about R$7.5 billion was forgotten in several companies. On the other hand, 40 million individuals and 3 million legal entities can receive an amount in a very simple process.

Most beneficiaries, approximately 63%, forgot as little as R$10, while 25% could get between R$10 to R$100, and another 10% received between R$100 and R$1,000. Less than 2% have more than R$1,000. The money was transferred quickly.

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Forgotten funds have various assets, such as closed checking and savings accounts with a balance, fees, incorrectly charged credit installments and resources in consortium collections.

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central bank
The process of finding out if forgotten funds are available online (Image: Federal Government)

How do you know if you have money that you forgot in the bank?

You must access the Central Bank's receivables values ​​website. Access requires CPF number and date of birth, in the case of individuals. For legal entities, CNPJ and date of opening of the company. If you forget any amount, the site itself provides new instructions.

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