Total surprise, WhatsApp has tricks that chatterboxes hate

Total surprise, WhatsApp has tricks that chatterboxes hate

If you value your privacy, especially on social networks like The WhatsAppKnow that there are tricks that can help you with this.

Want to get away from gossip? Follow these tips below!

Increase your privacy on WhatsApp

Currently, the messenger provides a series of protection features against bystanders on the service. In practice, you will have to configure your information as follows:

  • Last seen;
  • Connected;
  • personal picture;
  • Message; And
  • condition.

In each session you can choose the scope of presentation from the following options:

1 – Everyone: In this case, anyone can see your information, including anyone who is not your contact. This is the least secure option.

2 – My Contacts: In this option, all the people in your contact list will be able to see your information.

3 – My contacts, except for…: If you select this option, you can choose which of your contacts will not have access to your information.

4 – Nobody: Finally, as the most secure option, it is possible to configure your application so that no one can access your information, without exceptions.

However, it is worth noting that a user The WhatsApp You can still disable the reading view option. So, just:

  1. access your WhatsApp account;
  2. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner;
  3. On the next screen, select “Settings”;
  4. Then choose “Privacy”; And
  5. Finally, disable the “Read Receipts” option.

New feature in WhatsApp

WABetaInfo provides information about The WhatsAppit was reported that the messaging app is working on a flag icon that will mark saved messages.

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With the new feature, the sent message can be saved in temporary mode. This way, the content will not be automatically deleted from the chat and everyone who is part of the conversation will be able to see it.

Moreover The message remained It can be controlled by the users, as they can choose to ‘unsubscribe’ the message at any time and it will disappear from the chat. In practice, just look for the bookmark icon that appears in the message bubble.

However, as mentioned, the new function is being tested and could be a great option for those who don’t want to miss an important message in group or private chats, for example.

How do you block calls on WhatsApp?

WABetaInfo also revealed that Meta, the company responsible for The WhatsAppintends to launch a feature that will allow the user to block calls made by the application.

Thus, with the new functionality it will be possible to change the privacy of calls through a new configuration option.

In practice, the user will be able to manage which contacts can place a call with their contact, thus avoiding unwanted or unnecessary calls.

Since it is not a standard feature, you will need to enable it. Thus, it will be possible to choose from three options: “Everyone”, “All my contacts” and “My contacts except …”.

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