Tons of rats invade Queensland cities, causing despair – Metro World News Brazil

Tons of rats invade Queensland cities, causing despair – Metro World News Brazil

A massive rat infestation is hitting coastal towns in North Queensland, causing chaos and despair among residents. The town of Karumba, known for its beaches, is facing a major rodent infestation, resulting in property damage and a landscape filled with dead rats.

After a record rainy season in inland Australia, local long-haired mice have migrated in droves towards the coast, traveling hundreds of kilometers in search of food. Residents reported bold behavior during the day, including destroying vehicles and breaking into animal cages.

In Karumba, piles of dead rats wash up on the beaches every day, creating an unsightly sight and requiring constant clean-up efforts by local authorities. Charter operator Gemma Probert describes the situation as alarming, noting that according to weather forecasts, the rat epidemic could worsen with more rain.

According to the 20 minutes, The sharp increase in the numbers of pests, including locusts and rats, is due to the alternation of extreme weather events, the shift from years of devastating drought to a season of heavy rains. The local government and residents face the challenge of controlling this persistent pest amid unfavorable weather conditions.

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