Tite invites Edenelson, from Inter, to the Brazilian national team

Tite invites Edenelson, from Inter, to the Brazilian national team

Faced with uncertainty over the release of UK athletes for World Cup elimination matches, the Brazilian Football Confederation has decided to recall nine other players for post-competition commitments. Midfielder Edenelson, from Inter, was one of those called to defend the Brazilian national team.

In addition to the Colorado player, Hulk, on a fine stage at Atlético-MG, and Gerson, who was at Flamengo and traded to Olympique de Marseille, were called up. “Opportunities happen,” Tite said before announcing the roster. “All those athletes who will be called up now are competing fairly and increasing performance. This opportunity for those athletes who will be called up is in that sense.” The Brazilian national team coordinator, Juninho Paulista, confirmed that the players would not be excluded.

As in the previous list, the matches of the teams for which players were called up during the history of FIFA in September will be postponed. This is the case of Inter and Atlético-PR. The Brazilian national team players are expected to present their performances in Sao Paulo next Monday.

On September 2, Brazil will play Chile at the Estadio Nacional in Santiago. After that, the team goes home for two more matches. On September 5 (Sunday), the match will be against Argentina, at the New Quémica Arena, in Sao Paulo (SP). The Brazilian team concludes the FIFA date against Peru, at Arena Pernambuco, in São Lourenço da Mata (PE), at 9 (Thursday).

Brazil is the current leader in qualifying, with six wins in six matches.

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See the list


Iverson – Atletico MG

Santos – Atletico


Miranda – Sao Paulo

Half of the cameras

Edinilson – Inter

Gerson – Olympique de Marseille (FRA)

Matthews Nunes – Sporting (BOR)


Chassis – Atlético-MG

Malcom – Zenit (Russia)

Vinicius Junior – Real Madrid (Spain)

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