Tim, Randon, Frassell, and Banco Pan are paid this week. Check the agenda:

Tim, Randon, Frassell, and Banco Pan are paid this week.  Check the agenda:

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Monday, 22

Wilson Son (PORT3)

The “with date” Wilson Sons dividend approved on January 17 is Monday, the 22nd. The “with date” or “cut off date” refers to the last day an investor must hold a stock to receive the declared interest.

As of January 23, shares will trade ex-dividend. Dividends totaling R$0.13453976 per common share will be paid to shareholders. Payment will be made by January 29, 2024.


Monday the 22nd is the “date” for interest on Tupy shares announced on December 22nd. The shares will trade “free of equity interest” as of January 23, 2024. The value is R$0.25516154590 per share. The payment will be made with income tax of 15% withheld at source, resulting in a net value of R$0.21688731401 per share. Contributors will have their credits available as of July 31, 2024.

Tuesday, 23


Frasle (FRAS3) pays interest on the shares (JCP) on Tuesday, December 23, 2023 which was approved on December 13, 2023. The net worth is R$0.197082 per share, with 15% income tax deducted at source. All holders of the Company's common stock on a shareholding basis as of December 20, 2023 are entitled to JCP, and JCP's equity shares have been trading since December 21.


On Tuesday the 23rd, TIM (TIMS3) will pay interest on the shares declared on December 6, 2023. The total value of the shares is R$0.270594175. December 21, 2023 is the date that will be used to determine which shareholders are entitled to receive.

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Wednesday, 24th

Randon (RAPT4)

On Wednesday, 24, Randon will pay interest on the capital declared on December 14 in the amount of R$0.35936 per common and preferred share. Holders of the Company's shares are eligible, on a shareholding basis, on December 20, 2023. Since December 21, 2023, the shares have been traded outside JPC.

Banco Pan (BPAN4)

On Wednesday, the 24th, Banco Pan pays interest on equity in the amount of R$0.21512331532 per share declared on December 21, 2023. The shares have been traded without royalties to JCP since December 28, 2023.

Thursday 25th

Friday, 26

Pay Less (PGMN3)

The “with” date for the acquisition of the JCP in Pague Menos announced on 26 December, is Friday 26. Participation negotiations, from 29 January 2024, inclusive, will be conducted under the “former JCP”. The net worth is R$136 million, equivalent to a net value of R$0.2521988990 per share. JCP will be paid on March 6, 2024.


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