TikTok regards the acne spot as “shocking content” and bans the youngster’s account

TikTok regards the acne spot as “shocking content” and bans the youngster’s account

Posts by Eva Grant, 16, were about self-esteem in people with skin problems.

Jan 8th
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Eva Grant's TikTok account has been suspended

Eva Grant’s TikTok account has been suspended

Photo: Playback / Tik Tok

Adolescence is often a difficult period for youthful skin. In the case of 16-year-old Eva Grant, she had been suffering from cystic acne for two years. Through her TikTok profile, the Englishwoman shares her routine and talks about her skin problem. However, she was banned from the platform due to the stain on her face.

According to the young woman from Isingold in North Yorkshire, the social network deemed the posts “appalling content” and suspended her account. “Just because you have blemishes on your skin doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful,” he said in an interview with BBC News.

After the issue, Grant reached out to TikTok via email: “I didn’t let it get me down, I created the account again the next day and it made it even better.”

The Englishwoman said that the skin showed improvement after the medical treatment and that the aim was for “people to know that acne-prone skin is normal”.

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