Thyme shows a 5-month belly and surprises: “Look at the Size”

Thyme shows a 5-month belly and surprises: "Look at the Size"

Singer Thame Mario rejoiced when she revealed her stomach after 20 weeks of pregnancy

the singer Thyme Mariotto, from the duo with Thiago, is looking forward to the arrival of his second daughter with her husband, businessman Fabio Elias. They are really proud parents of 2-year-old Liz.

And now, Thyme Another girl named Ivy is waiting. You are 20 weeks pregnant, equivalent to the fifth month of pregnancy.

The singer stood in front of the mirror and showed the growth of her pregnant belly. When she showed the beautiful picture, she said, “Look how big an Ivy oven is!”

Netizens were just compliments of the singer and her pregnant belly. One netizen commented, “The most beautiful pregnant woman!” Another netizen said, “Ivy is growing fast! Let’s take it easy! Ha ha ha!” The singer replied, “Very fast!” One netizen said, “But you look so beautiful!”

As one Internet user said: “How much love and attention is in one picture … I love you!” One netizen said, “What a beautiful mother!” As one netizen commented, “She is so beautiful! May God bless you and your family always!”

Thyme He also answered some questions from netizens. One netizen asked, “Are you afraid of getting old?” The singer made sure to talk about her daughters. “Impossible … I think this is normal and I treat it well! I’m afraid to leave and leave my little girls … so let me survive!” Replied the famous mother.

One Internet user asked: “Do you suffer or suffer from severe heartburn during pregnancy?” “I was suffering from a severe illness even a few days ago … now I am much better! But heartburn has blocked everything! It’s part of it! Let’s go! It’s important for Ivy to be in good health! 20 and a half weeks now!” Said the singer. The singer also revealed her baby’s name if it were a boy. One netizen asked, “If it were an infant, what would it be?” The singer explained, “Luca or Gilberto (father and father-in-law call Gilberto Hehe)”.

Thaim is five months pregnant with her daughter Ivy

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