Three elderly brothers are found dead

Three elderly brothers are found dead

The sisters had a long-distance “love affair” with two supposed soldiers. Neighbors and family friends reported that Angeles and Amelia had been talking for at least seven years with two men who said they were soldiers in Afghanistan. The “love story” was well known in the area and many people tried – in vain – to warn the sisters of a possible coup.

The “military” said his friend had been killed and began asking Amelia for money. Enrique Velilia, a friend of the three brothers, told El Pais newspaper that one of the soldiers said at one point that the other had been killed and that he needed money to solve the bureaucracies surrounding the case. legacy From the friend. Amelia then began making transfers to the account of her “boyfriend” who said his name was Edward.

Edward's demands intensified over the years. Vilela states that the sisters sold their house in Madrid to send money to the alleged soldier. Every month, when they receive their pension, Amelia makes a transfer to Edward's account.

The sisters even asked people close to them for money, so they moved away. A friend told El País newspaper that Angeles and Amelia asked her to borrow 3,000 euros (about 16,000 Brazilian reals) “several times.” “The last time, my husband kicked them out of our house,” she said. “We warned them several times, but they ignored us. This could have been avoided.”

The main premise is that the sisters went into debt to pay for Edward. There is suspicion that Angeles and Amelia failed to repay loans made to continue sending money to their supposed friend. Therefore, the deaths would be a “settling of scores.” Police spent the day collecting evidence at the brothers' home, and the bodies will undergo an autopsy.

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