Three actors tested positive for Covid, TV news production affected

Three actors tested positive for Covid, TV news production affected

The rapid spread of the ômicron variant in Rio de Janeiro once again affected the business of behind the illusion. After the production of the television series at 6 o’clock identified cases of Covid-19 among some feuilleton workers, three actors have tested positive for the disease in recent days: Alexandra Richter, Antonio Calloni and Malu Galli.

the information By columnist Patricia Cogot of O Globo newspaper. Despite the infection, the interpreters are familiar with vaccinations and have mild symptoms. The journalist also noted that there have also been cases of Villeton workers diagnosed with influenza.

Because of this, the business was changed, and the production began to franchise the viewer with the characters of Larissa Manuela and Rafael Viti, who had negative tests.

This is not the first time that the TV series has been altered at 6 o’clock due to infection with the Covid-19 virus. On January 6, a columnist reported that the telenovela had cases of the disease among the production members. Therefore, the filming schedule and texts in the plot of Alessandra Poggi had to be changed.

At that time, even scenes from the core of the series had to be changed. for this reason, Globo double care in health protocols. PCR tests are performed daily among those who were left unmasked during recordings, especially the cast.

interrogated by the news If the absence of actors affected Além da Illusion’s production, Globo chose to respond only with a standard remark about what it does to ensure the safety of its employees:

Globo is following the development of the new version of Covid on a daily basis, acting prudently and taking the necessary measures, always prioritizing everyone’s safety and health. Serial recordings continue to respect all security protocols that ensure the safety of employees and avoid transmission in the performance of their duties and in the corporate environment.

Nothing changes at launch

Nos Tempos do Imperador’s successor, Além da Illusion, is scheduled to premiere on February 7. At the press conference for the series, director Luis Henrique Rios Ensure that the schedule remains unchanged Even with the new wave of Covid-19 cases in Rio de Janeiro.

We are facing a new wave of Covid-19, but we started registration at the end of September [de 2021] Already a lot of work. At first, we’re not thinking about not debuting. Now, the series will be broadcast on the seventh day and we hope everyone is in good health.

Beyond Illusion is a novel by Alessandra Poggi and It is scheduled to debut in February.. The plot was carried out by Larissa Manuela and Rafael Vetti It tells the love story between a magician and a young woman from a wealthy family.

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