Those who worked in 2020/2021 will receive PIS / Pasep in 2022

Those who worked in 2020/2021 will receive PIS / Pasep in 2022

Workers who have conducted a paid activity in 2020 must receive an official contract PIS / Pasep 2021. The federal government has decided to standardize pay schedules for the 2021 and 2022 wage bonus. Thus, workers who have been dependent on the bonus this year, must wait until February 2022.

PIS / Pasep 2022

Only the allocation date of the provision will be changed. This means that the terms of the franchise will not change. Therefore, a worker who has performed official activity in 2020 or in 2021 for at least 30 days will receive the allowance in 2022.

The allowance depends on the base year, or on the employee’s length of service. This will determine the amount he should receive.

In addition, for the allowance to be approved and released, the worker must:

  • He must have obtained the maximum wage with a minimum of two monthly wages during the period under exercise;
  • Be registered with PIS for at least five years, plus the information is correct as per the company’s transfer to the government.

How much will the allowance amount?

As mentioned earlier, there will be a difference in the base year, the year 2020 will refer to payment in 2021, and 2021 for payment in 2022. Thus, the calculation is made according to the working time and the national value. The word is in power.

In general, this calculation can be made by dividing the minimum wage by the dose and multiplying it by the number of work months. Given the current minimum wage is R $ 1,100. Look at the table:

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Number of months of work 2021 Bonus Amount (Salary R $ 1,100.00)
1 92,00 BRL
2 184,00 BRL
3 276.00 BRL
4 367.00 BRL
5 459.00 BRL
6 550.00 BRL
7 642,00 BRL
8 734.00 BRL
9 826.00 BRL
10 918.00 BRL
11 1.009.00 BRL
12 1.100.00 BRL

How do I know if I am eligible for benefits?

To find out if you are entitled to a PIS salary allowance, follow these step-by-step steps:

  • Access to the latest version of the Caixa Worker app;
  • Log in to your Caixa account;
  • Select “consultations”, in the sequence press “current exercise”;
  • Check your salary allowance information.

To find out if you are entitled to receive PASEP, first visit the Banco do Brasil website. Once done, enter your PIS / Pasep or CPF number, enter the date of birth, select the option “I am not a robot” and click “confirm”.

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