Those born in April can now receive…

Those born in April can now receive…

Since its implementation in 2020, the FGTS withdrawal has revolutionized the way Brazilians access their financial reserves linked to the Fund for End-of-Service Compensation (FGTS). This method allows workers to withdraw a portion of their active and inactive account balance annually, providing more freedom and financial planning. Workers born in April who chose the withdrawal method can now access the amounts starting Monday (1).

What is the FGTS Birthday Draw?

Before the creation of the Christmas Draw, the rules of the FGTS were restricted, limiting access to the fund to specific situations, such as buying your own home, retirement, and in the case of unfair dismissal. The new method has changed this scenario, offering the option of annual liquidity and more autonomy to employees to decide on the use of their resources. However, join in Birthday loot This means waiving the full withdrawal of the fund if he is dismissed without just cause, leaving the worker only the right to a termination fine.

How to choose a birthday withdrawal?

  1. Interest report: The worker must inform Caixa Econômica Federal of his or her wish to join the Christmas draw.
  2. communications channels: Membership can be obtained through the FGTS application, the official FGTS website, or the FGTS page. Cash on the Internet.
  3. Deadline for formalization: The interest must be formalized by the last day of the worker's birth month.

It is important to meet this deadline to ensure that withdrawal can occur in the current year.

Christmas draw release limits in 2024?

The amount available for withdrawal varies depending on the account balance, with accounts with a smaller balance allowing a higher percentage to be withdrawn. For example, for balances up to R$ 500, it is possible to withdraw up to 50% of the amount. For larger amounts, this percentage decreases, but is supplemented by an additional fixed premium, which is also preferred by those with larger amounts accumulated in FGTS.

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Christmas withdrawal calendar 2024

    • Born in January: Withdrawals from January 2 to March 29
    • Born in February: Withdrawals from February 1 to April 30
    • Born in March: Withdrawals from March 1 to May 31
    • April births: Withdrawals from April 1 to June 28
    • Born in May: Withdrawals from May 2 to July 31
    • Born in June: Withdrawals from June 3 to August 30
    • Born in July: Withdrawals from July 1 to September 30
    • Born in August: Withdrawals from August 1 to October 31
    • September born: Withdrawals from September 2 to November 30
    • Born in October: Withdrawals from October 1 to December 29
    • November births: Withdrawals from November 1 to January 31, 2025
    • December births: Withdrawals from December 2 to February 28, 2025

The Christmas draw may cease to exist

Recently, Labor Minister Luiz Marinho indicated during the launch of the FGTS digital platform that the government intends to discontinue the Christmas withdrawal method. According to the minister, this method represents harm to the worker, because in the event of dismissal without just cause, the worker will not be able to access his full balance.

In return, the Minister announced that the government intends to create a prosta that uses FGTS as collateral for salary loans.

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