This tool measures the environmental impact of data stored on servers

This tool measures the environmental impact of data stored on servers

British scientists create a tool for companies to calculate and reduce carbon emissions related to storing data on servers

June 5th
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(updated 6/6/2023 at 7:43 am)

Scientists at Loughborough University in the UK have developed a tool that allows for Carbon footprint calculation Storing digital data – messages, photos, files and emails – is something that is increasingly becoming an environmental problem with the increasing volume of information produced on a daily basis.

Currently everyone, through their smartphones, computers and other electronic devices, produces enough data to fill 10 DVDs. We don’t have the physical dimension to this data, as we did with these already unusable disks, but that doesn’t mean they don’t take up real space in the world – our data is stored in centers around the world and it takes space and power to maintain it.

Experts estimate that by 2025, the world will have about 180 zettabytes of data preserved at these sites—the equivalent of 6.8 billion years of streaming movie play—something that will require an abundance of energy to maintain. To deal with this problem, British scientists have created a way for companies to measure the carbon generated at each stage data trip From its origin through its transfer to its storage.

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Professor Tom Jackson compares the tool to a fixing the car. “Imagine you take your car into a garage where an expert meticulously inspects every aspect of your car.” The upgraded calculator analyzes each stage in the same way a car can individually check its tires, engine, brakes and other parts to ensure their operation.

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With the vast amount of data constantly being produced today, the researchers hope their tool can contribute to a zero-emissions future in the technology sector. With it, organizations can determine their carbon footprint Data related activities and exploring methods that lead to reduced emissions,” says Jackson.

In addition to bringing a benefit to the planet, the researcher says that the process of reducing the environmental footprint of data storage can also bring economic benefits to the companies that follow it.

source: Knowledge management research and practice via: TechXplore

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