Third place, Douglas Silva apologizes for sponsoring · TV News

Third place, Douglas Silva apologizes for sponsoring · TV News

3rd place from bb 22, Douglas Silva has apologized to Fiat, the activities sponsor of the reality show on Globo, for its reaction to winning a car. During the test of the first leader of the program. “At that moment, I didn’t want that responsibility [de indicar alguém ao paredão]The actor explained in the early hours of Wednesday morning (27).

After the end of the attraction, DG participated in the Bate-Papo BBB, led by Rafa Kaliman on Globoplay. Then the presenter praised the participant’s luck in winning two cars in the game.

“DG Fleet. When I got the first car, I even apologize to Fiat for my reaction, at that moment I didn’t want that responsibility.” [de indicar alguém ao paredão]. For me, it was very difficult to put a person on the wall in the first week. I was happy to win a car, and I didn’t have a car, but I was like, “What am I going to do?” , remembers the artist.

“The second time around, I really celebrated, I came back off the wall, I won back and forth, that made me want to say, ‘Suck it up, sucker,’” DG completed when talking about grabbing the second car.

Also during the chat, the actor commented on the decision to accept to be a part of Big Brother Brasil 22 and admitted that he was afraid of disappointing the audience with his strong personality:

I didn’t imagine getting to the final, when they called me, I told my wife, and it took us so long to decide. When we decided, I said, “I don’t think I’m going very far.” I am a hard man to deal with. I am really happy.

BBB 22 Final

BBB 22 ended with Arthur Aguiar’s victory. The actor received a prize of R$1.5 million after receiving 68.96% of the votes. Paulo Andre Camilo came in second with 29.91% of popular support, while DG was third with 1.13%.

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And Tado Schmidt in his talk highlighted the path of each of the three from the start of the match to the end, but he highlighted the moments of the great champion.

“Arthur, you are the bravest man to ever set foot in this house. I don’t even need to explain why. Imagine everything that could go wrong. But you came here with a will, a symbol of commitment. Sometimes even a little more than I should, I could relax a little”, The presenter said.

“You’ve been the protagonist, you’ve represented this game. This has its good side and its bad side: fans adore on one side, and hate on the other. The hero of BBB 22 is you, Arthur Aguiar,” said Tdio Schmidt when announcing the winning name.

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