Thiago Levert’s wife takes unexpected actions with ex-BBB after a sexy dream surface

Thiago Levert’s wife takes action with his ex-BBB after a photogenic dream surfaced (Image: clone/globe)

Haryani Almaeda She gave an interview to the Poddelas podcast and recalled a very unusual situation she lived in during the time she was confined to a house BBB 2019.

The digital influencer, without any shame, said that she had an exciting dream with the presenter James Leverett not fact.

“There was a time when I slept and woke up talking about a dream I saw in the most innocence of people in the kitchen, I dreamed that I was taking Thiago Levert, and that he kissed me”, to remember.

According to Hari, the scientist came to repeat the live story in Globe. “I told the whole story, the girls asked me if he was a good kisser in the dream and I said he was a good kisser.”.

“The other day the live program started and the first thing Thiago said was ‘Good night, Haryani’ I wanted to stick my head in a hole and bury myself in shame.”, mentioned.

The former BBB also said that after leaving the programme, Leifert’s wife, Diana GarbinI came to look for her to talk about the topic.

“When the show was over, his wife came up to me and said she thought it was very funny.”, disparou Hariany.

Speaking of Thiago Levert, He made a surprising revolution this week about how he sacrificed himself for his career.. The artist has lived a very busy life in the past decade and is now thinking about giving a break.

In an interview with Cansei de Cansar, GNT’s YouTube channel, the famous man explained that during the Covid-19 epidemic, he began to see the harm of social networks.

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“This combination of leisure and tiring work. The thing that caught my attention the most was multitasking. I panic about this, in this productive work”, I acknowledge.

Also during the conversation with the player Pepe Tatu, the former presenter of Big Brother Brazil confirmed that he could no longer imagine himself leading the same lifestyle as before.

“It didn’t help me, I sacrificed myself for many years, thinking I was more productive. I have succeeded in part of my life, but I don’t know if I would be more productive today if I sacrificed myself again,” Leifert announced.


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