Thiago Gagliasso qualifies as Bruno’s ‘ex-brother’ and shocks his followers – Trends

Thiago Gagliasso qualifies as Bruno's 'ex-brother' and shocks his followers - Trends
Thiago Gagliasso and Bruno Gagliasso (Photo: Reproduo/Instagram)

that brothers Jagliasu They are completely different people, everyone already knows. Now that the dispute has reached the point that someone referred to as “ex-irmo” Another novelty of the Brazilian Internet. And that’s what thiago, younger than Bruno, did so on Monday (28/06).

The two wrestle over political differences. While Bruno Gagliasu Standing against the current government and raising the banners of social issues, his brother, Thiago, raises the banner of ‘politically incorrect’ and the religious supporter of the current president, Jair Bolsonaro.

In a letter to Leandra Lill, Thiago introduced himself like this: “Hello me, it’s me, T, the ex-brother of Bruno Gagliasso.” Ironically, the actor also said that he “loved” Talking about the actress in late hours, which was broadcast last Saturday (26/06).): “I loved your position at Altas Horas! I admire you, but you saw the so-called accountability in roanite? I know that with all your clarity you can help us, and send a message to Fabio Porschat.”

The message was posted to your instagram feed. In the caption, Thiago wrote: “I’m trying, send a really good message! 12 billion unchecked!” , he said, referring to an alleged scandal involving art and audiovisual fundraising. Check the post:

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