“They were Machiavellians” | Carol Trentini on the blow she had suffered from her mother More than you

"They were Machiavellians" | Carol Trentini on the blow she had suffered from her mother  More than you

“It was very cruel, it deals with the mother’s love for her children, it not only destroys an asset, it also destroys the emotional assets of the victim, and what amazes me the most is the professionalism of the criminals. My mother made two loans, and she is in,” said Carol in an interview with More than you.

The bandits’ first step was to ask Donna Lourdes to save the new number. The retiree deleted her real old number from her daughter and tried to call the new contact, but was unable to. The criminals claimed that the device was bad and the communication had to be through messages. Then, money orders came and Donna Lord, in distress, went to the bank branch, where deposits and loans were made.

“At the bank branch, they asked if she was sure about making transfers, and my mother, who was already nervous, put the thieves in contact with the manager. They used him in bad faith to gain her trust, and they were Machiavellians, the part that affected me the most. It’s painful is the feeling it causes. To the victim. After what happened, she told me that thank God she was in good health and that she did not see the money wasted. It seems that she is not worth the money that she had a long fought to get, ”the model said.

According to Carroll, the bank claimed it couldn’t violate customers’ privacy, but it is asking for more protection.

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“I am calling for more security for everyone, not just the elderly. A lot of people are getting hit by the blows and this feeling of compliance is very sad.”

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