“There’s no evidence,” Nego do Borel says what he thinks about Lexa’s relationship, gets Guimê into controversy and gets slaughtered on the web. understands!

“There’s no evidence,” Nego do Borel says what he thinks about Lexa’s relationship, gets Guimê into controversy and gets slaughtered on the web.  understands!

Funk singer Nigo do Borrell sparked controversy after he expressed his opinion about Lexa’s relationship with actor Ricardo Viana, but he did not please netizens with his “audacity.” Understand the controversy!

Nego do Borel expresses his opinion about Lexa’s relationship with Ricardo Vianna and sparks outrage on the web.

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the new relationship LexaWith the actor Ricardo Viana It is to give people something to talk about, especially after Accusations Mc Game What The singer had cheated on him during the relationshipWhat It even sparked a revolt among the artist’s motherOne of the couple’s biggest supporters.

It seems that the controversy surrounding the singer’s relationship with the actor, Who was accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriendIt is not enough. So said the singer Nigo do Borrell What He was expelled fromfarmCharged with sexual assaultHe decided to give his opinion on the relationship.

In a set of photos and videos together with Lexa, published by Ricardo Viana last Friday (03), Nigo do Borrell left a message for the couple and sparked a lot of controversy, especially regarding the involvement of Guimê in the situation.

“I love Gimme, but I like you too. Good luck. Just take care bro,” the singer wrote. But the comment was not well received by netizens, who criticized it and described it as “ignorant” and “unnecessary” and other adjectives.

MC Guimê delivers the controversy and possible betrayal by Lexa in the position

The exchange of barbs between Guimê and Lexa in recent weeks reached its peak recently, when the funk singer used his social networks to comment on some rumors that had spread on the Internet, Especially from his ex-wife who supposedly shouldered his debts.

“Now, Dear Counselor took a stand saying I gave up my pets. On Monday, saying I was leaving the house, because on that day…

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MC Guimê denies that Lexa has paid her debts, puts her mouth to the trumpet and curses her ex-husband: “They are spreading this lie.”

Lexa pays off MC Guimê’s debts after she rejected the funk singer after the divorce. understands!

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Will Lexa confess her betrayal to MC Guimê? A video spread on social media and the Internet that divides opinions: “Historical Algebra”

Bombshell: Columnist claims rural woman is pretending to be dating to provoke her ex-husband and the web accuses Mayara. Understand the controversy

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